Atlantis Dive Slots

Any game with the word Atlantis in the title is going to present you with a watery theme, since this is the lost city that supposedly sits under the sea somewhere in the world. Wherever it might be, it makes an appearance in the Atlantis Dive slot, which invites you to take a dive down to see what awaits you beneath the waves… and it could mean lots of prizes.

Reels and paylines format

There are 20 lines in play here and you will see they are arranged over five reels.

Wagering possibilities on Atlantis Dive

There is a different range of bets available per line here. The smallest one is 0.50 while you can go a little higher to 4.00 per line if you wish.

Are there special symbols to look for?

Lots of mystical icons are used in this game. You can see the scatter in the shape of a blue and golden shield of some sort, for example. Another strange blue symbol is the wild of the game, and you can see what it is by accessing the paytable from the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Can you play one or more bonus features?

Yes, there are free spins to win if you get three or more scatters. You will get either five free spins for three scatters, 10 for four scatters or (the best of the lot) 20 free spins if you can find five scattered shields on your reels.

It is also possible to win some more free spins while you are playing the game, so you can end up with many more than you had originally.

Download and play Atlantis Dive slots today!

Atlantis Dive benefits from having lots of detailed symbols on the reels. Every time you net a win, you will see a flurry of gold coins head towards your chip balance in the top-left corner. We noticed it is possible to win on several lines at once, and this happened quite a few times for us too.

If you are prepared to check out the game to see whether you have a good chance to win prizes, you can start with the freeplay fun version and see if you like it. We did, and we ended up sticking around for a while. When you dive to check out Atlantis Dive slots, will you stick around as well?