How to Find Reliable, Safe Casinos

Most readers have heard a horror story about someone's personal or financial data being compromised by a rogue online casino, but don't let these tales discourage you from enjoying the high-quality gaming options that are available on the web. While some casinos are certainly unscrupulous, there are many, many more that offer players an excellent gaming experience. Described below are several ways to determine if your online casino is a reliable, safe gaming establishment.

  • Authenticity: A reputable online casino demonstrates its authenticity in several ways; look for authorization seals from organizations like eCOGRA, the Online Gaming Alliance, or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Other authorities may also provide their seals, and this should be easily accessible on the casino's website. Once the seal is located, click on the image or text to learn more about the organization and its credentials. If there is no seal or link available, you may have stumbled across a disreputable gaming establishment.
  • Branding: Every online casino is associated with a brand that has been built on providing high-quality, dependable service. If you're unfamiliar with casino brands, rely on information provided by the regulating bodies mentioned above, select a few names, and check out the casinos associated with the brand. If you (or a regulator) have never heard of a brand, keep shopping for a casino that you can trust.
  • Customer Service: The customer service representatives at a safe casino will be friendly and eager to help potential customers. Most online casinos allow their players to contact them via live chat, email, and telephone; rogue casinos offer less contact options, and they're likely to take an absurdly long time to respond to your inquiries. If you're having trouble getting a response from a casino representative, you may have encountered an unsafe casino.
  • Encryption: If a casino is safe, players will see security information on its home and banking pages. Every casino should boast at least 128-bit encryption technology. Savvy players also know that they should look for an SSL or an MD5 logo on the casino's site, and quality, reliable, casinos generally offer a "security" link on their page. If these components aren't present, gamers are advised to find another casino. Remember to never provide personal or financial information to an unsecured page; this could lead to identity theft.
  • Privacy Policies: Good casinos always offer a privacy policy to their customers, and this should be easily accessible. Like encryption facts, privacy policies are almost always available to view on the "security" page, and should explain what the casino is doing to maintain the integrity of your sensitive data. If you cannot locate a privacy policy, ask a customer service representative where to find it; if they're evasive or choose not to respond, consider playing at another casino.

Safe Gaming is Accessible and Easy to Find

While checking for the features mentioned above may seem like a daunting task, it's really quite simple. Players who want to ensure that they're not registering with a rogue casino can usually find the most of the information that they need at the bottom of a casino's landing page. If you have any doubts about the validity of a casino, select a different gaming establishment. Remember that bad casinos do exist, but there are also a wide variety of excellent sites to choose from.