How to Win on a Slot Machine

Slot machines are clever little things intricately designed to entertain you and interact with you. And while you are playing for fun you are also playing for the big reward that is just on the horizon and though you don't seem to be getting any closer it sure is getting a lot bigger.

The thing about slots is that every single spin has the potential to make you rich so rushing through your bank roll is a very pointless exercise. The longer you can stay in the game with the cash you have the more spins you will have and with each spin comes a shot at the big time.

This is the principle of spreading your risk and to spread your risk over more spins you have got to place a lower bet. No matter how big your bank roll is you should see it as more spins as opposed to a higher risk per spin. Prepare yourself for a long wait and make sure that you have chosen a slot that you are comfortable with. Adjust your settings just the way you like them and put the game on auto-play.

Deciding how many spins to play is now the easy part. Work out your cost per spin on the lowest coin value, remembering all the time to play all paylines, and work out how many spins you can play with half of your balance. Your balance is going to fluctuate but the longer you can stay in the game the better your chances of making good wins. If after 500 spins you are sitting at the same amount, you have not lost, you have played 500 spins for next to nothing. Now is the time for you to up you bet size, slowly, and play for the bigger rewards.

Choose your game carefully. A lot of paylines spells millions to some players while to others it means more outlay. The high value symbols are limited and they need to form winning combinations on the same payline. If there are dozens and dozens of paylines it is going to be more difficult to gather all these great symbols in the same place when you need them there. The less paylines you have the better your chances of getting them together. Also this means that activating all paylines doesn't swallow half of your cash. You can go for more spins if you have the option.

Slots have long been labeled an unskilled game and while it is a matter if click and spin there are some very crucial choices that need to be made. It is at these points that your expertise and experience as a slot player comes into play and can benefit you and make the difference between winning and winning big. And remember if you don't win be sure that you don't lose too much. Keep your head about you and remember it is all in the name of fun.