Beating the Odds at Slots

The odds have always been described as "You win some, you lose some". So when playing slots be sure that you are the one who is winning and others are the ones losing.

What are the odds?

Odd are basically your chances of winning. Your chances are calculated based on the average of a slot machine over time. Each slot machine has their own odds, some of course are better than others. Casinos, land based and online may make their overall odds public but usually keep the odds of the individual slots machines private.

The slots machines with the best odd are not always obvious. They are not necessarily the most popular of even the ones with the biggest jackpots. Finding the slots machines that have the best payout rates is a matter of testing them in practice play. Legitimate software vendors have the same odds in real play as they do in free play mode. Contrary to popular belief free play is not rigged.

What are the signs?

A machine that pays out small wins every few spins or even on most spins is not necessarily the one with the best odds. You may also get a machine with great odds but that pays out big after every 40 or 50 spins. To test the theory the odds of a slot machine go to a casinos that allows unlimited guest credits. This, by the way, is a sign that the casino is transparent. Set the game into auto-play and play out about 500 spins on the game. A slot machine with good odds will, over 500 spins yield a higher balance than when you started or a similar balance.

Where to gamble?

It is a generally well known fact that online casinos have better odds on all of their games. This is a great incentive to stay at home and gamble. The overheads are lower for an online casino as opposed to land based casinos where there are physical structures portraying a life of opulence that need to be maintained. The machine itself also needs to be paid for and maintained.

Choose an online casino with a good reputation. Find out some information on them from affiliate sites and online casino forums. Find out about other player experiences regarding their payouts. It is pointless to beat the odds and win only to not get paid your due!

Online gambling can be fun; slots are a great way to relieve stress. They are exciting and can get you away for a while. Play safe and play to win.