How to Legally Gamble Online in the USA

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Recent legislation has legalized internet gambling in Delaware and New Jersey, while Nevada currently allows state residents to enjoy the thrills of online poker in a state-sanctioned, online environment. If an online casino gamer lives in one of the states that allows online gaming from a land-based casino, such as Delaware or New Jersey, they may register for online play at a casino in that state. Gamblers should remember that players must be residents of the state to legally enjoy a casino's online gaming features.

Other states are working on legislation that would bring web-based casino gaming to more U.S. citizens, but those who live in areas that do not yet allow such entertainment still have plenty of options. Keep reading to learn more about how American casino gamers can enjoy slots, blackjack, and more in states that don't permit gambling.

  • Age: While some jurisdictions only require players to have reached 18 years of age, this can vary between geographical locations and even between individual casinos. Online gamers who want to play it safe should verify that they are of age or wait until they have reached age 21. Nothing is worse than realizing that you're not old enough to cash in on that big win, after all.
  • Game Choice: Many of the restrictions on internet gambling in the United States are on sports wagering, which means that players can feel free to enjoy traditional games like slots, blackjack, craps, roulette, and others at casinos that welcome U.S. players. With rapidly changing laws, players are advised to verify that the casino they're playing at still serves American players.
  • Location: Many traditional online casinos are located in jurisdictions where such activities are legal, and they extend their welcome to players who reside within the United States. The easiest way to learn if the online casino you're considering allows American players is to check the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website; if U.S. players are allowed, the information should be available here. Other online casinos make it obvious by posting a welcome to American gamblers on their landing page.
  • Regulation: Law abiding players should make sure that their chosen casino carries an authentication seal or a link to a regulation commission like eCOGRA. If you believe that the casino you've chosen isn't legitimate, consider playing at another gaming establishment. By refusing to game with rogue casinos, you're not only demonstrating your desire to gamble legally, you're sending a strong message to those casinos that aren't operating with the proper licenses or supervision.

Choose High-Quality Casinos to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Whether you choose to gamble at a land-based casino in New Jersey or Delaware, want to play online poker in Nevada, or select a conventional gaming website, it's important to verify the validity of the casino. Ensure that the casino doesn't have a large number of bad reviews, and pay attention to the gaming laws in your state; if possible, play at a gaming establishment that's associated with a physical casino, and don't forget to have a great time.