Could Trump's Election Bring Changes to U.S. Casino Laws?

To the dismay of some and the joy of others, Donald Trump's been elected to be the next U.S. president. No matter which side you stand on, the question comes up as to the future of legalizing online gambling in the United States. Is it possible that Trump, a man whose career ties heavily to casinos, might push to change U.S. gambling laws?

Trump's Thoughts on Gambling

With multiple casinos to his name, it's clear Trump is okay with casino gambling. In fact, Newsweek released a story in 2015 in which Trump denied using donations to get special favors. The donation in question came from a fundraiser for Jeb Bush where Trump allegedly wanted Bush to change his mind on legalizing gambling in Florida. During a deposition, he admitted that in terms of bringing casinos to Florida that he "thought that Jeb could be convinced otherwise."

In 2011, he told Forbes about his views on online gambling. Those views were clear: "It has to happen…like usual the U.S. is just missing out."

It is clear that Trump is likely to be one of the first presidents in recent years to consider bringing in revenues by legalizing online casinos in the U.S.

Pairing Up With Andy Beal

In August, Trump stated if elected he wants Andy Beal on his economic advisory team. This may be one of the first steps towards legalizing online gambling. If you don't know Andy Beal, he's a Texas billionaire who amassed some of his money playing poker. In fact, Beal holds the record for one of the biggest wins in a single hand with an $11.7 million win.

Only time will tell if Trump will bring the legalization of online gambling to the table. If he does, there is the potential for bringing a lot of revenue back to the U.S.