Atlantis-Themed Slots

Atlantis is a lost world. No one knows whether it existed or whether it is simply the stuff of myth. It is a mystery that may never be solved. Just as we all wonder who Jack the Ripper was, we do occasionally wonder whether Atlantis is (or was) real.

It's not difficult to see why slot games based on Atlantis are very popular. Here are our three top reasons why we think this is the case.

We're all fascinated with the legend of Atlantis

Does it exist? Are the remains of the fabled city sitting beneath the waves somewhere around the world, still waiting to be rediscovered? No one knows. That gives us a rich source of mystery and possibly myth that could be put to good use on the reels of a slot game.

The theme guarantees a watery slot filled with intrigue

Underwater-themed slots are always very popular. There is plenty of variety under the waves, as you will see when you try a few of these games. However, Atlantis brings with it plenty of mystery before you even begin. That's why software developers each have their own take on this mysterious sunken city. Does it exist - and does it matter? The drama is there, and it means we are guaranteed to play lots of Atlantis-themed slots we can enjoy.

There is plenty of potential for bonuses to be developed

You could say any theme is filled with opportunities for bonuses to be played. That's true, but you must admit Atlantis is a dramatic and entertaining theme to make the most of.

You could easily enjoy some free spins within a game based on this theme. However, you could also look for sunken treasure, hunt for the city on an underwater map, or choose several icons found in the city to see what you have won. There are numerous examples of potential bonuses here, and you may well see some of them during your time playing these games.

Finding Atlantis-themed underwater slots is easy. You can search for them online or visit your favorite online casinos to find out more. Once you see how impressive they are and how much they can offer, you'll appreciate the depth (forgive the pun) this theme has. Will you visit Atlantis today… assuming you can find it? And if so, what will you bring back with you?