BetED Casino

When there are countless online casinos to choose from, you want something that will really give you a great experience. This is what you'll get from the BetED Casino, which is ready and waiting to provide you with a host of features you'll love.

What kinds of games can you play there?

They've got table games, poker, video poker, slots and plenty more as well. It means that whatever you love to play the most, you'll find lots of exciting games and plenty of new experiences too.

Are there plenty of prize winning chances?

Definitely! There's a $500 bonus on the table when you join too, so you can see you'll get off to the best start. Every game you play has potential winning chances to take away a lot of money too, alongside the smaller prizes.

What about the pick of the slots games? Which three are best?

Deep Space wins our vote as the first of three great choices. It's a progressive game with mounting jackpots the whole time. Watch for the special symbols to go for a better payout and bet on as many of the 21 lines as you can to maximize your chances!

Next up is Kula Kalani, a slots game with a lovely exotic feel to it. This game has 15 lines so you've got plenty of winning chances if you play across the whole lot. Try and match the various exotic fruits in the right combinations to win prizes. You've also got the chance to win free spins to play even more.

Finally there's the Venice Carnival. This amazingly detailed slots game packs in 15 lines and has a masked figure as the scatter symbol. This could win you more cash and make it easier to get winning combinations too. One of the most ornate masks will win you the jackpot if you get enough of them in the right places!

Are there other slots games to try as well?

Definitely - there are dozens of them, but the above three really capture the essence of what you'll get when you start playing slots at the BetED Casino. It's got the lot - exciting gameplay, worthwhile designs, lots of prizes to be won and much more besides.

Check out BetED today and open an account to start playing the games for real. It's got the lot - and something for everyone too.