Winning Waves Slots

Winning Waves is a 5 reel slots game with 20 paylines with a calming ocean theme. It includes wonderful graphics with exclusive but unsophisticated music. Winning Waves is an easy game to play which makes it quite enjoyable for all online slots players. The game includes a variety of coin sizes that range from one cent to ten dollars with a maximum bet of $200. The best way to win the jackpot is to bet the maximum allowable amount for each spin which can amount to $40,000. The game does not include any kind of special symbols or multipliers, so players need to read the pay table before they begin playing to find out the necessary winning combinations.

Playing the Game

In order to catch the winning wave you must adapt the concept of 3 reel slot games. Players can bet one to three coins but to maximize the chance of winning you need to bet the maximum of three coins. The coin denominations vary from fifty cents to $10 which means the game can accommodate all budgets. One of the things that separates this game from other 3 reel games is winning combinations also appear on diagonal lines thus doubling a players chances of winning the jackpot. If a player of the game bets the maximum number of coins and the winning combination appears in the fifth digital payline the player can win a jackpot of up to 3500 coins. Selecting additional coins allows the play to open additional paylines with different jackpot amounts. Only combinations that include the sun symbol can win all five paylines while the appearance of the other symbols allows only the central payline as a winning combination. It is for this reason players should bet the maximum amount since this will open all five paylines and make it easier to win the jackpot. The game includes a top jackpot of $175,000 which requires players to bet with all five coins at the maximum coin value. In additional you will need to have 3 Jackpot symbols on the line above the payline. If a player bets a penny (one line and one cent x five coins per spin) will yield a player a total of $175.

Symbols in the Game

The symbols that appear in the Winning Waves Slots game include the sun (a jackpot symbol), the three bars, two bars, one bar and the number seven. Another symbol that appears is the palm tree, a non-paying symbol. The game has no scatter symbols, wild cards or multipliers.