Ocean Life Slots

Oceans, seas, water… all these things show up in slots with pleasing regularity. So, is there room for another game along these lines from Arrows Edge? We think you will like this one if you are a fan of their slot games. However, the neat presentation of this game means most slot game fans will appreciate what lies in store in this ocean.

Quantity of reels and win lines

Lots of Arrows Edge games present us with five reels and plenty of lines. However, this one does just the opposite. Only three reels are given to us to spin, meaning just one line is available to bet on.

Coins to play with

There are lots of wagers available here, going from a cent per spin up to $250.

Ocean Life special symbols

Dolphins are much loved, but you won’t find a pink one in the real ocean. You will hope to see it here though, especially since it is the substitute. Finding one in a winning line brings a 2x multiplier, while two in a winning line qualifies you to take advantage of a 4x multiplier.

What about bonus features?

You might think this would be a short section, as the answer is usually no. That’s not true of this slot though. Watch out for a shark to appear anywhere on the payline. That is the sign you have unlocked Ocean Life’s bonus feature. This takes you to a second screen filled with 12 fish. You must pick one and watch as it swims to a location on the screen. Pick another and follow its journey as well. The idea is to carry on choosing the fish until three turn up in one location. Since each location is attached to a prize, you will win whichever prize is connected to the location that now has three fish in it. Easy! It’s a nice little bonus and one we think you will enjoy.

Download Ocean Life and take it for a spin today

This is a charming three-reel game, possibly one of the best we have seen. While Arrows Edge is usually associated with bigger games, we hope they will find the time to develop some more like this too. The multiplier wild and the bonus game both make this game a joy to play. Will you enjoy a slice of Ocean Life too?