Hunting Treasures Slots

When the time comes for fun and games, you have come to the right place. However, this is also a slot machine that brings a lot more than that with it. You can leave the game with some gold in your pocket. When you want a slot machine that is going to be fun and provide a bit of a challenge, then you can be sure that this is where you can find yourself finding just that. Enjoy the excitement that comes each and every time you pull the lever and watch the reels spin around. You are going to hope they land on the right symbols and once they do, you will notice that this is where you hunt for the treasures, hunt for the slots and hunt for everything else you can get from the treasure slots.

Can You Actually See to Hunt for the Treasure

Even though this game is made by a software company that is less known than some of the others that have a long-time standing in the field, you can still find that they come with pretty great graphics. Spinomenal is a software company that does a great job of showing the crystal clear symbols that you need to win this game. You can watch as these symbols go around the board and do their thing. You can turn your volume up and watch as the sounds go right along with the symbols. This makes game play more fun than ever. If it is time to hunt for treasure, then find your treasure waiting here at this slot.

Treasure Symbols Welcome One and All to the Board

There are many treasure symbols that you can mix and match and get the most out of. With this being said, you should not have to worry about what comes next with these symbols. You know that they are there to pay out the most money. There are classic card symbols that are themed with the game, so you can watch out for them. When you line them up the right way, they do pay some cash, but they do not pay as much as the themed options. You will also notice maps and a compass, sunken ship, mermaids, hunting octopus, octopus and the underwater beast eye. While playing, some of the symbols pay more than others. Knowing the special symbols is important because you want to make sure that you're lining up the right ones. The mermaid is the highest paying symbol and she is the one you want to get multiples of because she is going to keep filling your player account. The Kraken sea monster comes about every now and again, but he is rare because if he does come out, it means you win up to 100x your bet. When you line up the hunting octopus, you will notice that he is the scatter, he is the one that opens the bonus round and also the one that cannot be replaced by the wild mermaid that can replace all of the other symbols on the board.

There is a Bonus, The Hunting Treasure Bonus

There is a bonus that is offered when you walk into the slot machine. You have to activate it to use it, but once you do, you will feel great when the time comes to cash in on all that is out there. You have to land on three scatters to activate the free spins and bonus feature. Once activated, you will have a compass that comes up on the screen and gives you four different hidden treasure locations. You choose where you think the treasure is hidden and then you can find out if you won it. You may win a smaller amount, or the jackpot prize. You might even win nothing at all. It all depends on what you choose out of the four spots given. With 50 paylines, you're bound to win some cash while playing the slots that captivate so many. You can also enjoy having a max bet of up to $500 if you're a high roller. If you are not, you can bet smaller, more comfortable amounts with the smaller one starting at 0.01. You can find that underwater fun is just around the corner and they are going to make it tricky to find that hidden treasure while under there, but once you do, you're going to be hooked and want to continue playing even more when the time comes. You can get your coins and cash in today or keep playing to win some more underwater sea treasure.