7 Oceans Slots

Pure fun and excitement mixed with the deep beauty of the underwater world is what you can receive when you log on to a Microgaming casino that offers this three reel single payline slots game, 7 Oceans. There may only be three reels and one payline in this very simple game to play but that does not distract from the magic of the setting and the sounds of the ocean that accompany the game.

Coin Bet Options

When playing 7 Oceans you can place single coin bets, two coin bets or three coin bets where the coin sizes vary from $0.01 up to $10. This is a wide range of coin options for any player and one that allows both high rollers and new players to enjoy the magic of the underwater world. Once you have decided on your coin size and bet all that remains is the number of coins that you want to place in your bet, you are allowed up to three coins per spin. The more coins that you bet the more chances you have to win higher amounts and of course the better it is for you. Three coins will always yield the highest winnings. The highest payout achieved is when three or the multi colored 7 symbols land on the payline when you have placed a three coin bet, in this case you are awarded 4000 coins. The next highest award is 1000 coins for three of the blue 7's on the payline with a three coin bet and so the payouts go on according to the number of coins you have bet and the symbols that you land on the screen. Apart from the different colored 7 symbols the other symbols you will find in this game include single bars, double bars and triple bars all of which offer winning configurations which can be seen on screen.

Play for Fun at Flash Casinos

7 Oceans can be played for fun or practice at all of the Microgaming casinos that it is found and in addition many of the casinos offer a flash version where you can play the game without having to download the casino or game to your computer. A flash casino and game also means that you can access the game from any computer wherever you are as long as you have the internet connection. For quick and easy fun with the chance to win up to 4000 coins, 7 Oceans is definitely your game.