Welcome Bonuses

Whether new players are almost ready to make their first casino deposit or just starting to consider it, welcome bonuses are the swing vote for many gamblers. After all, who doesn't like collecting extras on the money they were planning to spend anyway? Ready to learn more about about scoring new player promos? Read on.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

Welcome bonuses, available at any casino worth its salt, take a new user's deposit and offer match bonuses, cashback, or free slot play in return. While each part of the potential welcome bonus structure is available to returning depositors, new players always get the best deals. Succinctly, welcome bonuses keep the action coming by extending gaming sessions, keeping every gambler entertained for longer. Below, readers can learn more about each potential part of a welcome bonus package.

First, the Real Freebies: No-Deposit Bonuses

Sometimes, casinos entice new players into making their first deposit by initially offering them no-deposit chips or free spins; while both are subject to heavy wagering requirements, the point is to explore the platform, not get rich. However, players who aim for cashout can turn free casino credit into real money, albeit not for much. No deposit chips and free spins are excellent intros to any new casino, regardless of the player's experience level, and some of the most highly sought offers online today.

Matching New Players Every Step of the Way

Match bonuses are the most common form of welcome bonus, and the offers can be pretty generous. The bonuses often start at 50 percent or higher, and the casino bases them on the deposit size. After adding at least the minimum at a casino, usually between $20 and $35, less for crypto users, the cashier will "match" the bettor's deposit by a stated percentage. For example, when a platform offers a "100 percent match," it's essentially offering to double the bettor's money. After establishing the match percentage, gamblers must determine the offer's max value, which phrasing like "of up to $100" often precedes. Like nearly every casino offer released, match bonuses come with wagering requirements; read them before accepting the promotion.

Free Spins Make the Reels Go 'Round

Players who love slots will be thrilled to learn that casinos often add free spins to the welcome bonus package. While few, although they occasionally occur, welcome bonuses offer free spins exclusively, the extras are usually in addition to a match bonus. When free spins serve as welcome bonuses, they may come with some caveats new casino enthusiasts haven't considered yet. Below, readers will find a few considerations to make as they accept an offer with, or even of, free spins.

  • Free spins' prizes are subject to wagering requirements
  • The casino determines the bet value of free spins
  • The platform almost always dictates the game
  • Minimum cashout rules apply to free spins

Cashback: The Unusual Welcome Bonus

Finding cashback as part of a welcome bonus package is rare, but it does happen occasionally, which means players need to know at least the basics before jumping to casino play wallet-first. Cashback is a feature returning part, or sometimes all, of a player's deposit when they bust. In welcome bonus packages, cashback offers apply to the initial deposit only, and future opportunities for it are subject to different rules. Offering consolation for a rough day at the tables or on the reels, cashback bonuses take the sting out of casino losses.

Fast, Convenient Access to Casino Promos

The great thing about welcome bonuses, or packages, is how readily available they are—in the U.S., online casinos generally offer the promos in exchange for filling out a simple form and, of course, depositing in most cases. Whether heading for the reels or tables at a casino, the platform probably offers a welcome bonus. Don't miss your chance to bet.