Atlantis Gold Slots

We’re all familiar with the Atlantis name, but no one has ever seen the fabled lost city itself. We’re not sure whether that will ever change, but we do know Playtech can introduce you to Atlantis in their online slot game called Atlantis Gold.

This is more light-hearted than some of the Atlantis-themed slots we’ve seen, with the focus purely on the cute creatures you might find there. So, let’s see what else you can find in the slot game.

Reels and paylines format

This one has five reels but it also has five paylines, indicated by the underwater buildings and temples at either side of the reels. This gives you a lot less to play with than many other slot games have, but that might suit those with small budgets.

Wagering possibilities on Atlantis Gold

All the indications are there are bets here to suit every budget. Mind you, with just five lines in play this game isn’t likely to attract the bigger-budget players. They will prefer to play games that have more lines to bet on. We have heard the game does offer frequently-occurring prizes though, so it might be worth focusing on that as a perk.

Are there special symbols to look for?

The crystals are the most valuable symbols here. If you can find five of them on a single payline, and you’ve played the maximum bet, you can win as much as $20,000! Now, that would be a prize to remember, wouldn’t it?

Can you play one or more bonus features?

Yes, there is a bonus feature included and this gives you an opportunity to win up to $250. To unlock the round, you must find the keys icon on the first reel. When this happens, the bonus feature opens and you will be presented with several treasure chests. Pick wisely to determine how much you could win!

Download and play Atlantis Gold slots today!

Atlantis Gold presents you with a variety of cute underwater creatures to fill up the reels. Of course, you have the keys symbol and the crystals too, so you will be looking out for those.

All in all, though, this game is a good one from Playtech, clearly aimed at those who have smaller budgets and who like a cuter theme to work with. It’s one of several good Atlantis-themed slot games online today.