No deposit Bonuses

Learning the basics of online casino bonuses may seem overwhelming initially, but breaking them down by type makes it much easier to understand. Below, we've shared some of our best tips for understanding, identifying, and using no-deposit bonuses, the most sought-after casino promo codes online.

What IS a No-Deposit Bonus, Anyway?

At their simplest, no-deposit bonuses are free casino chips or slot spins for registering or continuing to play at an online casino. Players don't have to deposit or commit to doing it later to claim the freebies, and both no-deposit chips and free spins are great ways to acquaint oneself with any particular platform.

  • Free casino chips, the most likely no-deposit bonuses, often come directly from a casino's promotions page but can occur elsewhere online. No-deposit chips are perfect for exploring slots and, usually, other games of chance, like keno.
  • Receiving free spins as a no-deposit bonus is much more restrictive, and they limit players to slots; in fact, the casino nearly always dictates the game in which users must take the spins. However, limitations aside, free casino play is free casino play.

Free Money? Where's the Catch?

Calling no-deposit casino bonuses free money is, and isn't, accurate: Players don't have to spend their hard-earned money to claim them, but cashing out can be tricky. However, from the average player's perspective, no-deposit bonuses are free, and using them is a lot of fun.

The catch is easy to spot with no-deposit bonuses, as they're incredibly restrictive. Not only do casinos specify the games available to no-deposit players, they usually limit the maximum cash out to $50 or $100. Wagering requirements on the no-deposit bonus don't require funds from the player, but bettors must stake the value of the free chip several times before completing the requirement, also known as meeting playthrough. Reading the terms of the no-deposit bonus and any other casino offer is crucial because that's where the casino states how many times players must wager their bonus before cashing out. While playthrough values on no-deposit bonuses are and should remain high, readers should remember that anything over 30 or 40 is unreasonable.

Free Casino Play? Where Do I Find It?

Locating no-deposit bonuses can sometimes feel like finding the holy grail, but learning where to look is a great place to start. As mentioned earlier, the casino's promotions page is the first place to look for a no-deposit bonus code. Next, we suggest turning to Google, where queries like "no deposit bonus" and "free casino bonus money" turn up results for third-party pages; use these to locate no-deposit bonus codes, head to the casino, and input the code. However, some non-casino sites share false codes; tracking down a legitimate one can be challenging, but it's worth the effort.

Wrapping it Up—in a No Deposit Bonus

Despite the wagering requirements, no-deposit bonuses are great options for players wishing to explore the casino without betting their cash. Are you ready to get in on the fun? Then, find a no-deposit bonus code and hit those reels today.