Deposit Bonuses

Learning the differences between casino bonuses is the first step toward taking full advantage of them; unsure where to start? We've got you covered. Read on to learn more about casino deposit promos, then head to your favorite platform to bet.

Understanding and Finding Casino Deposit Bonuses

Before casino players begin looking for promotions, they should clearly understand what deposit bonuses are; in the simplest terms, deposit bonuses are incentives to add funds to a real-money casino account. There are several varieties of deposit bonuses, the most common being the match bonus, but we'll get to that in a bit. However, for now, remember that the bonuses we're talking about here require a real-money contribution as a deposit.

Finding a casino bonus is one of the easiest things to do online, but that doesn't mean players should take them all; in fact, we encourage our readers to be very selective in the promotions they accept. Below, we've shared the features that make a casino reliable enough for players seeking promotions.

  • The casino should be licensed. This information is easy to find on the website or via Google; if there's no reference to licensure, steer clear.
  • The wagering requirements on offers should be reasonable. While we'll further explore this in the coming paragraphs, look for this information.
  • Recognizable games should carry the correct title; platforms on the level never "borrow" games and rename them to get around copyright laws.
  • Finally, the bonuses should be attractive to you; after all, accepting a sportsbook offer for slot play doesn't make much sense.

Beyond the Match: Potential Types of Promos

Match bonuses, the most common casino offers and frequently at the heart of welcome packs, are only one of the promo types available when players deposit at a casino. Free spins, for example, often appear in promotions, sometimes exclusively. While the prizes from free spin winnings are subject to the wagering requirements described below, such promos are still worth the deposit. When faced with cashback as an option, read the terms; after all, a risk-free sportsbook bet is not identical to cashback, free spins, or match bonuses. Understanding each promotion before accepting it is the best practice.

Wagering Requirements Unraveled

Playthrough, as wagering requirements are sometimes known, is how casinos ensure players don't take advantage of promotions, thereby removing bonus abusers from the equation entirely. Straightforwardly, wagering requirements are the conditions placed on bonus funds that dicatate how many times bettors must "play through" the value of the promotion before cashing out. For instance, a $25 bonus with a playthrough of 20x means bettors must wager at least $500 before withdrawing. Confused? It's easy: 25 x 20 = 500. To figure out any wagering requirement, multiply the value of the bonus by the requirement.

A Few Words to the Wise

Choosing a legitimate casino with games and promotions that interest you is the best way to ensure that your deposits allow you access to the entertainment you expect. By carefully evaluating platforms, comparing bonuses, and calculating playthrough requirements, bettors can make their deposit bonuses count for a lot. Are you ready to play? Game on.