Best Gambling Recommendations

Gambling is popular and fun, there is yet to be an empty casino. Most casinos are filled to capacity with queues at the most popular slot machines. But now you can gamble online as you can do just about everything else online from shopping, research and applying for jobs. Spending money on the internet has come miles and miles in terms of security and data encryption. So gambling online is a real possibility. But before you dive right in there are a few things to take into consideration before you hand over your cash.

Bonuses – too good to be true?

There are many casinos that use the exact same software as the very next and there are a few ways that distinguish the one from the other. One of these is the welcome bonus. There are many different types of welcome bonuses but it is one casino’s edge over the next. The only advice is to check the terms and conditions for the bonus very carefully. Consider very carefully the clauses dealing with play through requirements, maximum bet and a limit on withdrawals if any. Take out a piece of paper and work out the numbers then try to fulfill the wagering requirements in the practice play version of the casino. While the bonuses may seem out of this world, be realistic. Sometimes you would need to sell your house to cash in on the maximum bonus amounts on offer. Gambling is fun, but living on the streets not so much.

Choose your wallet

So just how do you intend on making a deposit? Don’t rely on the free money ‘no deposit’ bonuses to get you through. They are designed to be a taste test and it is extremely rare that anyone has hit the big time with such a small amount of cash. It is a well known fact that the longer you play the better your chances of winning big. So making a deposit is a big deal if you are serious about playing at this casino. Credit cards are widely recognized but the more popular ways to deposit these days is with an internet holding account.

The way they work is very simple. You transfer funds from your bank account into this holding account. When you log into the casino you register the details of the holding account with the casino and transfer the funds from the holding account to the casino. Much like your wallet which holds cash until you find a place to spend it. This protects your bank account which is peace of mind. Many of these holding accounts have been specifically designed for online purchasing and have developed security layers and 24 seven monitoring. Again, choose a reputable online wallet that is accepted at most of the casinos that you have been considering.

How can we help you?

Another thing that differentiates one casino from another is how they treat you. Do the test, before you commit any cash get in touch with customer support to see how easy it is, how quickly do they respond to you and how helpful are they. This is of utmost importance because the day you win big and want to take the cash home to fulfill your dreams you need to know with confidence that your withdrawal will be honored.

Regulation is not regulated

Online casinos don’t have to be regulated so those that choose to be are trying to set themselves apart from those that choose not to be part of a regulatory body. Take a look at the regulatory body that is advertised on the casinos homepage and have a good close look at their web-site. They should list their standards and their code of conduct. They should also have a contact page so that in the case of disputes they can be resolved effectively.

What do the forums say?

Look for online gambling forums. They are usually impartial and have the gambler’s best interests at heart. They are independent and are supported by independent casino affiliates who make their living by referring players to casinos. The better the casino the more money the affiliates make. Forums often have public complaints about specific casinos. A reputable casino will respond to a complaint appropriately.

Online gambling is not a fad, it is here to stay, in fact it may get bigger just as the ancient activity of gambling itself has evolved into this modern day affair. Take heed, just as there are crooks on the streets at the ready to snatch at your handbag and run, so too are there crooks on the internet. Keep your eyes peeled and do your research. It will always pay off in the end.